April 25, 2011

Dream on Treasures

In the mountains o f Colombia there is a town that by chance was built upon the ruins of an ancient indigenous cemetery.

Its inhabitants affirm below the ground there are abundant treasures. What is certain is the people have strange dreams. A girl dreams of old native dressed in white robes who points to the ground.

An old man dreams of a golden snake inside a pot of clay waiting for him to dig it out.

Almost all of the townspeople have seen “the comets” ephemeral fiery glows that appear for an instant to then fall exactly where a treasure is hidden. “They are the gases of the gold that is buried” they explain.

One Night somebody saw golden chicks glowing inside in the corner of their house, a clear sign of the existence of treasures below the ground, another found beneath the ground of his backyard a pot of clay beautifully crafted.

“It is the spirit of the Indians” – they declare. “The Spirit of the Indians is asking to be unearthed” – they say. “There are enchanted tombs that could kill you” they affirm. All of these rumors surround the town. It is said there is an immense treasure in the secret caves of a precipitous mountain close to the town that as hidden there by the Indians to salvage it from voracity of the conquerors. Although there is no Gold to be - only a tiny gram founded in the river.

Nonetheless it seems that they have found something more valuable than the gold itself: “What we want is that the people stop taking our treasures, we want them for ourselves. We are building a museum for people to come and see the archeological richness that we have here”